7 Reasons Why Succulents Are Good For Home Feng Shui & Good Luck

7 Reasons Why Succulents Are Good For Home Feng Shui & Good Luck

Succulents like all green plants help in enhancing the ambiance of space however with this, they also help in bringing a great dose of positive, vibrant healing energy inside your home. Having houseplants helps in providing you with not only a calming vibe but also helps you to feel relaxed and focused.

Are succulents good for home feng shui? As per Feng Shui principles, growing succulents indoors helps in balancing the negative energy with the positive energy as well as the protective energy, which further is thought to bring better health, wealth, and prosperity to the household. 

There are many variants of succulents that have been grown for thousands of years indoors for their good luck charm and a number of other beneficial properties.

Lets quickly dive into 7 Reasons Why Succulents Are Good For Home Feng Shui and why you need to start growing them indoors:

7. Succulents provides a calming and soothing touch of elegance inside the home

The best thing about succulents is they are extremely beginner-friendly and are easy to care for. They have unique shapes, foliages, and colors that are not commonly found in any other plant variety. The adaptations they have obtained in course of evolving in drought-prone areas have resulted in these intriguing leaf and stem structures.

  • Having these green plants indoors on the tabletop or around the corner of the room helps in reducing stress, promoting better focus, and enhances the feeling of calmness.

This makes them suitable for being grown not only in household conditions but also in office spaces. So aside from boosting the aesthetics of the room they can directly charge you with a positivity (source).

6. Succulent helps in removing toxins from the air and acts as a Natural Air purifier

Succulents have become quite popular in the last few years because of this aspect of acting as an air purifier. They are one of the rare breeds of plants that can remove the harmful toxins from the air and hence helps in refreshing the air quality. The toxins include formaldehyde, benzene, toluene,

  • Particular types like snake plants, Dracaena fragrans or corn plant, Aloe vera, etc does this job better than other variants.

There are various studies that show that indoor air commonly contains innumerable of the most dangerous chemical and biological pollutants and rarely we take any precaution against them. This is alarming as another study showed that we generally spend 90% of our time indoors.

  • These components are regarded as volatile organic compounds which even though not visible to the eye, can cause minor issues of skin and nasal irritation or in some cases can lead to acute breathing problems (source).

These components cannot be fully removed by keeping just one or two succulents in the room however their presence as per NASA studies has shown that they help in the betterment of the air (source). This further promotes better health and enhancement of the positive energy indoors.

5. Some Succulents are believed to bring Wealth and better fortune

The round-shaped leaves or the coin-shaped foliage of the leaves of the succulents are thought to welcome better wealth in the house.

Which plant is good for the money? Jade plants contain a variety called Money plants which as the name suggests is thought to be one of the plants that bring money and good luck, so it is one of the most popular succulents to be used as gifts especially among business owners.

jade plant also named as money plant is seen as good luck

These particular succulents are commonly found in households along with offices and other business-oriented places including restaurants, cafes, shops (source).

Not only it is seen as a token of good luck but also its vibrant green color and trendy appearance help in enhancing the ambiance of a place instantly.

4. Many Succulents have Antibacterial and Healing properties

Mostly the succulents from the Aloe family have this awesome ability to provide a healing touch to wounds and basic scars. However, you should always consult with your doctor before applying these directly to them.

  • Aloes have been used for skin, hair, and other beauty care practices for thousands of years. Their leaves contain a juicy gel that is rich in antibacterial components and helps in better nourishment.
  • However direct ingestion of the gel can lead to serious health issues so avoid doing that.

So these succulents are seen as a token of good luck, helps in promoting better healing energy, and also detoxifies the air.

3. Succulents have unique Leaf structures which oftentimes help in providing Protective energy around the room

There are loads of succulents that boost the room environment by their exotic foliage and striking long leaves. The members of the Dracaena variety are particularly known for this. The long colorful leaves of the succulents help in not only providing protective energy but in providing a soothing but vibrant touch to the surroundings.

Hence these succulents are popularly grown in entrances or in offices. Also, snake plants are one of the best plants you can get started with as they are extremely easy to care for and can put up with low light conditions.

2. Succulents represent Balance and the power of adaptiveness

Succulents are highly adaptive and forgiving in nature. They can adapt quickly with low light or high light conditions or with conditions of underwatering.

The majority of the succulents can be grown both outdoors and indoors. This serves as a crucial reminder of keeping a balance in our lives and in doing our best in finding ways to adapt to changes. This is about being mindful and in keeping our inner energy under balance.

1.  Succulents provides a fresh dose of oxygen and helps in better breathing

Succulents like all green photosynthetic plants provide us with fresh oxygen and this directly helps in the betterment of the indoor air quality. Another best thing about succulents is, they are thought to produce oxygen even at night, unlike most other plant varieties. This makes them highly suitable as indoor plants for enhancing the air quality indoors and for promoting positive energy inside.

  • However, to get the consistent and proper daily dosage of fresh oxygen it is suggested to grow 2 to 3 green plants every 100 square feet (source).

So by growing succulents you can easily get rid of toxins from the air, enjoy better oxygen supply, promote the abundance of positive energy, and enhance the indoor appearance in a natural and cost-effective way.


Having Succulents inside helps you to come closer to Nature

In our daily busy schedule, we often find it hard to connect with nature. However, it is something extremely important as it can help us to relax better, combat our stress suitably well, and help us to be more productive and attentive. So having multiple succulents indoors helps us to be within the midst of soothing and relaxing touch of nature to some degree.

If you live a busy lifestyle and find ti hard to look after houseplants regularly then opt for these low maintenance easy to care for succulent collection:


Is it Good feng shui to have plants in the Bathroom?

Many people believe having green plants in the bathroom is a good feng shui practice, as it helps in balancing out the room moisture and releases a healthy dose of oxygen into the air.

  • There are many plants that help in air purification like the majority of the succulents and other plants like peace lilies.
  • Aside from this they also help in promoting an atmosphere of freshness in the bathroom and gives a  soothing decorative touch.

Just make sure you have enough light coming into your bathroom as without proper light green plants will find it hard to survive. So if your washroom gets a lower dose of light opt for low light friendly succulents and houseplants.

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Is it Good feng shui to have plants in the Bedroom?

As per theSpruce.com, it is best to avoid keeping plants in your bedroom as green plants are known to release carbon dioxide at night which may disrupt the sleep patterns, so it can be seen as bad feng shui in the bedroom. So it is best to have them in all other places of the home apart from the bedroom.

  • However, there are a few exceptions to this aspect. In case you are growing succulents or other plants that are thought to release oxygen even at night it may not be a problem. B

Besides the carbon dioxide produced by just a single green plant is just too little to make any difference at all in the air quality of the room.

If you have a small bedroom and it is stuffed with tons of plants then it can be an issue. Other than that if your bedroom is sufficiently big and you only have one or two small green plants it is unlikely that it will cause any issue. So in this regard, having green plants in the bedroom is again seen as a good feng shui as it helps in bringing in the healing wood energy filled with positivity and kindness.


Succulents are extremely easy to care for and are hence are regarded s one of the best plants to be grown indoors. Aside from this, they are also one of the most prominent feng shui plants for wealth, health, and happiness. For people believing in feng shui, growing lively green succulents indoors helps in balancing out the negative energy with the positive healing energy.

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