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What Temperature Should Water Be For Succulents,Cactus & Indoorplants?

Succulents are well adaptive plants that can put up with adverse conditions. However, their roots are extremely sensitive to the water temperature and any extremities of temperature can end up seriously damaging the root health and put the succulent in stress. So,

What should be the water temperature for Succulents? The Roots of Succulents & all Houseplants prefer a water temperature of 20°C (68°F). At this optimized temperature, the water contains sufficient amounts of dissolved oxygen & the root water absorption process (pump mechanism) works vibrantly well.

Does the Temperature of the Water Affect Plant Growth?

The water temperature plays a crucial role in overall plant development. This becomes more important when the plant is young and is still developing its roots.

Water is one of the top few resources plants need for their survival. They can adapt to poor soil conditions or adverse weather conditions but the water temperature and quality directly affect their growth.

  • A sudden change in the water temperature can drastically impact the growth of the succulent in multiple ways.

How does cold water affect plant growth?

As per the report in “The Southwestern Naturalist,” rice plants when grown with colder water had stunted growth of leaves and branches whereas when grown using warm water their growth was much better.

However, it must be mentioned that there is a limit of the warmness as well. The thing is to balance it out (source).

  • The roots of most plants are by default programmed to absorb water at a temperature of around 20°C.
  • Extreme chilly water will affect the pump mechanism of the roots and hamper its ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil effectively.
  • So if this practice of applying cold water for watering your plants is continued, the plant health will be severely affected.

Does Hot water make Succulents & Other plants grow faster?

Hot water will never make your plants grow faster & on the contrary, can end up damaging their development.

Heat stress, in the long run, can cause severe dehydration in your plants which can lead to wilting, browning of the leaves & this further can eventually lead to its death.

This is because all green plants depend heavily on photosynthesis and respiration for their survival. Both of these processes will get affected owing to heat stress (source).

  • Hence you should always use water at room temperature of around 20°C-25°C.

All houseplants will grow best if you provide them with conditions that are similar to their native habitats. Succulents and cactuses by no means receive rainfall which is extremely hot or cold.

So in order to promote optimal growth just provide them with sufficiently neutral water temperature which does not feel too hot nor too cold and they will do just fine.

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Is cold water good for indoor plants including succulents & cactuses?

Do succulents like cold water? Succulents can put up with water temperatures as low as 10-15 degrees Celcius but anything below that will end up affecting their development. Coldwater does not let the pumping mechanism of the roots to occur effectively.
This means the roots won’t be able to absorb water & essential nutrients from the soil as properly as it would if the water temperature was a bit higher.

How cold is too cold to water plants?

The water temperature of anything below 10 degrees Celcius has got the chance of shocking the roots and stressing the plant out.
  • The plant can slowly lose its vibrancy and suffer from stunted growth. This is because it won’t be able to absorb essential nutrients from the soil properly as the root pumping mechanism has been affected.
This temperature issue is applicable not only for the water temperature but for the weather conditions as well. The majority of the succulents dont do well outside under temperatures of below 10°C and hence it is better regarded to bring them indoors.

Is it OK to water indoor potted plants with warm water?

Well, it depends on what temperature one is referring to by warm water. If it’s really cold in your place and you need to warm the water up slightly to bring it to room temperature(20-22° C) for watering your plants then yes warm water is just fine.

  • However, if the temperature is anything higher than this then you are entering the territory of experimentation.

You should avoid using boiled water or water kept outside directly under the sun. Let it cool down to a temperature in which when you dip your finger in the water, you will find it to be neutral.

The heat in the water if not reduced before watering can permanently damage the plant tissues and cause shriveling of the leaves.

What temperature is too hot to water plants?

 The ideal range for the water temperature of plants is somewhere around 16-22°C (F) (source)with the sweet spot at 20°C (68°F). Generally, the maximal range for watering your plants is around 25°C (77°F).

Anything greater than this can harm the plant roots however it also depends on the plant type and its age. However to be just safe try using water which is lower than 25°C.

So, What is the Best Water Temperature for Indoor plants?

Do Succulents & other potted plants like warm or cold water? The succulents & all other potted plants prefer a water temperature which is in between warm and cold. Preferably that temperature is around the 16°C-25°C mark.

This is the best temperature of water you should use on a daily basis to water your plants. Hence you can say the plants prefer the water temperature to be neutral.


Even though Succulents are regarded as highly adaptive plants they are quite sensitive to the water quality and the water temperature. This is true for all plants.

The water temperature can affect the root tissues adversely and put them in a state of shock if the plants get watered with chilly or extremely hot water.

  • So the best practice is to use water that is neither too hot nor too cold, i.e, it is completely neutral, and dipping a finger in that water won’t necessarily make you feel warm or cold.

Apart from the water temperature, the type of water you use for watering succulents, and the time of the day you water them is extremely important for their better growth and development. For more info on these read the following posts:
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