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4 Fengshui Friendly Succulents for Good Luck & Prosperity

Succulents are grown indoors since ancient times indoors and they have been seen as a token of luck and good health in many Asian countries. So…
Are Succulents good Fengshui & token of good luck? Succulents are great for home & workspace Fengshui as they introduce positive energy into the surroundings which further enhances the chances of acquiring better health and prosperity.

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So let’s dive right in…Here are 4 Succulents that are popularly thought to bring health and good fortune to the household…

Crassula Ovata (Money Plant)

Money plant is one of the varieties of Jade plants which is one of the most popular plants out there which is related to good Fengshui. The round-shaped leaves of the plant resemble coins hence giving the plant its name.

  • For hundreds of years, the Money plant is grown in households for enhancing the scopes of wealth and prosperity, in the Asian countries.

In fact, it is very popular among business owners as it is thought to bring good fortune. Its positive energy helps in promoting better friendships & prosperity.

Jade plants are grown quite commonly in office spaces as well. It is also for this reason Jade plants are one of the most popular succulents which are used as gifts (source).

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Ponytail palm

  • Ponytail Palm is one of the stylish succulents out there. It will instantly improve the aesthetic of a place and will turn heads.

Another great feature of Ponytail palms is they are naturally quite adaptive and can thrive both indoors and outdoors. This plant acts as a sign of balance & brings in a positive dose of energy indoors (source).

They are highly forgiving and can thrive on neglect. However, this must never be the case! It has very low growth requirements and as long as you grow it in a drainage friendly soil mix, place it at a location that gets moderate sunlight, and water it once in 7 to 10 days as per soil dryness, it will do great!

Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

Snake plants are one of the best plants you can grow to not only enhance the aesthetic of your house or workplace but for purifying the air.

snake plant succulent soil

Its long and slender green leaves help in enhancing the protective energy of the place and are oftentimes seen to be grown along with the entrances and corridors for this purpose. (source).

It’s one of the plants that were involved in a NASA study as per which snake plants do a great job of removing harmful toxins like formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene from the air (source).

  • Hence if you want to grow plants indoors that will enhance the beauty of the place, produce a soothing supply of oxygen and purify the air, snake plants are a great place to start. However to notice the benefits you need to grow multiple snake plants in a particular room as

Another great thing about snake plants is, they are literally one of the best plants that can thrive on neglect and can adapt really well to moderate as well to low light conditions.

So as long as you grow them on a cactus mix drainage friendly soil and water them from time to time when the soil feels dry, they will do well.

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Aloe Vera

Whether you are a plant lover or not Aloe vera is something almost all of us acquainted with to some extent. It is probably the most popular succulent in the world and it has been grown indoors for thousands of years.

Again it is one of the best succulents that acts as a great air cleanser and brings a calming vibe into the air.

aloe vera for bedroom

Having Aloes on tabletops or room corners instantly brings a minimalistic touch of greenery indoors. Also, Aloe vera is known for its healing properties and has been used for skin and hair care for centuries.

  • And the best thing is it is one of the best succulents you can grow as it’s highly beginner-friendly and does well under low light conditions.

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Succulents are probably one of the best plants you can grow indoors as they are highly beginner-friendly and does well on their own if their basic needs are fulfilled.

Apart from balancing the indoor energy and purifying the indoor air they also improve the classiness of any room in just a matter of time…Place them in cozy south or east-facing window and they will grow up to be strong and vibrant on their own.

And you dont need to water them daily, in fact doing that will kill the plant. Only water them when the soil feels dry, which can be once in 7 to 10 days depending on the weather, plant age, and soil mix. Fertilize them once or twice a year with diluted balanced fertilizers if possible.

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