succulent to grow in low light condition of dorm

7 Best Succulents For College Students in Dorms(Beginner Friendly)

Succulents are just the perfect plants you can grow in your dorms as succulents are:

  • Extremely low maintenance
  • Tremendously Beginner-friendly
  • Can instantly change the look of a place
  • Highly adaptive in nature

Several studies shave shown that having green plants where you live, study, and work helps in improving your mood, focus, and productivity extensively(source). Hence having succulents in the dorm is not only a good idea but a great one.

Here are some of the 7 best Succulents that are suited to be grown in the Dorms

Haworthia plant

Country of Origin: South Africa

Also Called: Zebra cactus, Pearl plant

Key Points about Haworthia

  • There are many varieties out there, popular ones include Haworthia fasciata, haworthia attenuata, Haworthia cooperi, Haworthia limifolia, etc.

  • Highly adaptive plant and very much low maintenance. Provide it with the basic needs of drainage friendly soil, place it in a location that gets moderate to the low sun, and water it once in a while and it will do just fine.
  • Haworthia fasciata or Haworthia attenuata consists of attractive looking long pointed leaves that look great from a distance. The mini varieties like Haworthia cooperi are extremely cute and look great in smaller pots.

Personal Take on Haworthia

In case you are looking for low-light friendly succulents to grow, Haworthia is just the perfect choice as these succulents even in their natural habitats grow under the shade of larger plants.

Snake Plant

Scientific name: Dracaena trifasciata

Region of Origin: Africa

Also Called: Mother-in-law’s tongue

snake plant

Key Points about Snake plants

  • Succulents are known more or less for their striking looks, but did you know they help in purifying the air as well? Many succulents help in getting rid of harmful toxins in the air and hence are regarded as ideal indoor plants. Snake plants are regarded as one of the best plants for purifying the room air.

As per a NASA study, Snake plants can actively remove formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene from the air (source).

  • As per Healthline, snake plants can produce oxygen even at night, unlike most other plants.
  • Its long and slender leaves instantly grab the attention and hence it can change the ambiance of a room instantly.
  • Another great thing is snake plants are again one of those succulents that are extremely low maintenance and can thrive even in low light conditions.
  • If you are into Fengshui, snake plants are regarded to have protective energy about them which is why they are grown in offices and in entrances.

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Personal Take on Snake Plants

Snake plants are just the perfect addition to your room i9n case you wanna change the look of your place instantly. They are just perfect for dorm room cause of their vibrant appearance and easy to care for properties.

Sedum morangium

Country of Origin: Mexico

Also Called: Burrow”s Tail

Key Points about Burrows tail

  • This another of the most popular succulents out there. It has got pulpy looking hanging leaves that can put up with moderate to low sunlight.
  • Be wary of not watering the bulging leaves and only target the stem base and the soil. Moisture retention in the leaves can attract pests and microbe manifestation.
  • If it gets enough sunlight, it can produce pinkish flowers in the summer.
  • Be careful not to touch the leaves too much as they can easily fall off due to movement and touch.

Personal Take on Burrow”s tail

The Burrow”s tail succulent is one of my favorite succulents owing to its soothing greenish color and stunning leaf arrangement. The oval-shaped leaves growing on the hanging stems looks beautiful on hanging baskets! You can grow them in any way you want but they look gorgeous in hanging condition and they are indeed one of the best plants out there that should be grown in hanging condition!


Country of Origin: Brazil

Key Points about Rhipsalis

  • Rhipsalis is another one of the stunning looking succulents that look great in hanging baskets!
  • They have low sunlight needs and hence are just perfect for dorm rooms.

  • The overall structure of the plant is quite unusual and hence instantly catches attention. It belongs to the Cactaceae family and has long very thin branches that give them its unique look. Also, personally, I find their bright green color quite soothing for the eyes.
  • In time they can produce whitish flowers.

Personal Take on Rhipsalis

Rhipsalis look great in hanging containers, so you can grow them near the windows, doorway, or even in the bathroom! Rhipsalis is one of the few succulents that can put up with moderate moisture in the air.

Aloe aristata

Country of Origin: Mexico

Also Called: Lace Aloe

Key Points about Lace Aloe

  • Aloes are the most popular types of succulent out there! It has been grown for centuries as an indoor plant owing to its soothing look and medicinal properties of the leaves.
  • Aloe is a superbly adaptive succulent that can thrive even in low light conditions. It is one of those plants that can grow well under neglect and water it once in a while when the soil feels dry and they will be good to go.
  • Lace Aloe has got small white dots all over its leaves and this particular succulent is quite fast-growing. The edge of the leaf is a bit sharp.
  • Lace Aloes grow actively during the colder months (source).

Personal Take on Aloe aristata

You hardly can do things wrong while growing Aloes. This is because they are plants with extremely low needs and are hence highly beginner-friendly. Also if you are a succulent lover, having Aloes on the work desk or on the window pane gives your room a soft touch of greenery which grows well on its own as long as it gets its watering needs fulfilled.

Hens and chicks

Region of Origin: Europe

Also Called: Houseleek

Key Points about Hens and chicks

  • They are one of the hardiest succulents you can grow.
  • Hens and chicks provide a classy touch indoors and are one of the best plants to grow for beginners.
  • They are regarded as mini succulents as they can grow only up to 15 to 20 inches. Another great thing about hens and chicks are, they can tolerate wide ranges of temperature and can be grown in a variety of climates.

Personal Take on Hens and chicks

Hens ad chicks are regarded by many as the best plants that can grow on neglect. There are many instances where they have been found to survive cold temperatures, poor soil conditions, and intense water scarcity. The most common way to kill this succulent is by showering it with excessive love and by watering it more than required.

Jade Plant

Scientific name: Crassula ovata

Region of Origin: Southern part of Africa

Also Called: Money plants

Key Points about Jade plants

  • The coin-shaped leaves of the plant give it its nickname of the money plant, and it is seen as a token of wealth and prosperity for centuries. Hence it is popularly grown in both home and offices.
  • Growing them in the dorm room is just perfect as these plants even though are aesthetically pleasing and on the other hand, are quite low maintenance. However, make sure to place them beside a window that gets enough sun as the succulent loves getting multiple hours of bright indirect sun otherwise it can grow up to be leggy.
  • Jade plants unlike other succulents require a bit more frequent watering but you must also be very wary of overwatering as Jade plants are very much prone to root rot. So only water them when the soil feels dry and the time period for this can vary depending on the weather.
  • Jade plants are slow growers and can take some time to grow so dont stress out.

Personal Take on Jade plants

Jade plants have a fairly long lifetime, grow up slowly, are quite beginner-friendly, and their tree-like structure makes them a nice addition in the room for decoration purposes.

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